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Mike Thomason is a Location Sound Mixer, and Sound Recordist in Dallas/ Ft. Worth area of Texas. My experience has provided Production Sound for Commercial, Documentary, Corporate, Sports, News, Live, Web, Radio Spots, VO's and everything in between.

I have my own equipment which includes: Sound Devices 664 Mixer/ Recorder, Sound Devices MixPre-10II Recorder, Sound Devices MixPre-3 II Recorder, Schoeps CMIT 5U shotgun (and others), Countryman Lav's, Lectrosonics Wireless (x9), Deneke Time code Slates, Deneke JB-1 and Tentacle Time code sync boxes, Comtek IFB's(X10) and more! 

Mike's Mic's offers Superior Location Production Sound Mixing and Recording, wherever you are!



Setup for Kid Rock's Rock'n Rodeo Draft

2 Analyst, 6 Coaches, 1 podium and 1 walkie

Kid Rocks Rock'n Rodeo setup

2024 College Football National Championship


Christmas Eve 2023 in Minneapolis, MN for NFL Films

Vikings Stadium Xmas Eve

 Player Micing Tech

Since 2011 Mike has been an Enhanced Audio A1 for NFL Films. Mike was also hired as a Player Micing Tech for Alliance of American Football (2019), XFL (2020) and USFL in 2022 and 2023.

NFL Thanksgiving John Madden Logo
Enhanced Audio Position
AAF Logo
XFL Logo
USFL Playoffs Equipment Mgrs
USFL Q5x setup

Client Comments

A message from one of the producers of "The American Experience: Oklahoma City"

Hey Mike!  

...We are in the sound mix for Oklahoma City, which has been accepted to Sundance in January for the World Premiere! We are really excited and honored.  

We are racing to finish in time, but it's really coming together.  I just wanted to let you know that we are sitting in the sound mix today and going through all of your interviews, and our mixer said "You had such good sound recordists!  I am normally working to just get out sounds, but on this film I get to just make a great recording beautiful.  It's a real treat."  So... well done and thank you!  Thought you should hear that. 

Max Warren Owner, ImagemaxHD
I've known Mike since 1994 when he was employed at a local production facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Launching his own endeavor in 1996 was great news for producers, directors and DP's like me who depend on solid, dependable and expert location sound production. In all the years that I've known and worked with Mike, he has never failed to deliver the goods regardless of the conditions or the challenges.
You can depend on Mike for a quality product with impeccable attention to detail. But, in my opinion, his best assets are his attitude and work ethic. I have never heard him complain or whine even when he had every reason to do so.
You won't find anyone, any better than Mike Thomason. If he's available, book him.

John McCalmont Producer, Voice Over Artist, Actor
My only complaint about Mike, is that he is so good that it is hard to use anybody else when he is booked! Mike is always giving 110% with the latest equipment, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done right the first time! Always my first call for a "Mic".





Serving Second Chances

With Drawn Arms

The Rock Prophecies (Feature)

JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide

The American Experience: Bill Clinton, Bonnie & Clyde, Battle of Chosen, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge (PBS)

Stickman (Feature)

The Big Boys Club 2: O-Line Draft Academy

The Ruby Connection (History)

Unsolved History: JFK (History)

Hogan- 2019 (Golf Channel)



CTRL Functional Foods

Dallas Morning News

NTTA/ Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport


Salvation Army

Go RVing

Eye Mart

Arthritis Knee Pain Centers


Skeeter Boats


Daily Show (Comedy Central)

Big Birds Road Trip (HBO)

NFL Films

NFL Network


FOX Sports

America Declassified (Travel)

Modern Marvels (History)

Rachael Ray Show

Fatal Attraction (Animal Planet)

The Voice


Toyota, Pizza Hut, Boeing, Capital One,

Samsung, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines,

WalMart, Nike, Torch Mark and many, many more!

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Call/ Text: 972/523-7184

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