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Mike's Mic's Location Sound Mixer, Dallas, Texas

A Little About Me

   I was born in Texas and have spent most of my life here. I did however, as a child move quit often. I lived in Alaska, Wisconsin, New Jersey, a couple of places in Florida, Chicago and came back to Texas between most of these moves. Finally moving back to Texas for good in 1990.
   I played all kinds of sports while growing up. The usual football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf and track. Today I love watching sports and feel incredibly lucky to be able to work in sports as part of my career. I have worked jobs covering NFL Football (play-offs and Super Bowls), World Cup Soccer, World Series Baseball, Stanley Cup Hockey, NBA Basketball, College Football (Bowl and Championship Games), NCAA Final Four, Championship Bull Riding, PGA Golf Tournaments, Professional Boxing, UFC, Fishing Tournaments and all types of racing (auto, motorcycle, boat...etc.)

Dallas Cowboys enter field before game.
World Cup Soccer at AT&T Stadium
Outside AT&T Stadium before NCAA Final Four Tournament

I absolutely LOVE my job! Not everyday is a picnic, but those challenges keep me on my toes. My career as a Location Sound Mixer has allowed me to meet and work with some amazing people. As well as being able to take part in somethings that I would never have had the chance to do. I have met Presidents, Governors, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Athletes, World Dignitaries, Military Heroes and some just good all around people.
I have been on the shooting range with some US Marshall's in Chicago, swimming with sharks in Hawaii. I sat on stage and listened to BB King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Vaughn and John Mayer play for 45 minutes at the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, Texas.
So, many things I have gotten to do and people I have been able to meet, all because of journey this career has taken me on.

Corporate shoot in downtown Dallas

Interview with home furnishing bloggers and designers for At Home Stores.