Mike Thomason



In preparing to return to work in this ever changing world, I am doing all I can to make sure that my clients, my fellow production team members and myself are as safe as possible.
This page is dedicated to showing the steps being taken to sanitize for up coming productions.

 UV-C Light Sterilization Box:

I built this box to sterilize some items, as uv-c light has been proven to be damaging to some materials.

 Tools, clips and things made of metal or fabric are safe to sanitize in this manner.

 The light is set up with an automatic timer and this makes sanitization for those items quick and easy.

This uv-c light sanitization box is equipped with a 6w, no ozone lamp. Some uv-c lights produce ozone, but due to safety and oxidation issues, I opted for the no ozone lamp.

After many hours of reading and researching, it has become clear that the most safe, effective and efficient way of sanitization for the electronic equipment is a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe down of all gear brought onto a set. Everything sterilized and bagged in ziplocks before and after use. All items wiil be sanitized after leaving set and placed in either clean ziplock bags and/or sanitized containers. Bags and containers will be properly marked as "Clean" or "Unsanitized".